REVIEW – Monsters (2010)

Videovista has my review of Gareth Edwards’ low-budget science fiction film Monsters:

The ‘big idea’ behind Monsters is that instead of fearing the alien and trying to isolate ourselves from the ‘other’, we should be opening ourselves up to its strangeness by looking at it with an open mind and an open heart. Edwards initially makes us fear the creatures by drawing upon our fears of terrorism, immigration, chemical weapons and third world squalor. However, he then makes us come to appreciate the innate beauty of the creatures and, in so doing, suggests that there may be some beauty to be found in the things that we, as a culture, fear the most.

Easily one of the best science fiction films in recent memory, Monsters was (of course) absent from the recently released Hugo award shortlist for Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form thereby raising the question, yet again, of what point the award actually serves beyond reminding the world that Hugo voters know fuck all about film.


  1. Their lists are basically fan lists of popular film. It’s not that good sf is absent, but there’s no predisposition towards it.

    Moon wasn’t a bad choice for 2011.


  2. As with the on-going mess that is the best graphic novel Hugo, the problem is that the people who nominate for the Hugos simply aren’t that into film. They may go to the cinema occasionally, they may have preferences among the films they see but they have no interest in venturing further afield than their local multiplex.

    Begging the question as to why they even bother having the award in the first place.


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