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Ruthless Culture is the blog of Jonathan McCalmont, a freelance critic living in the UK. Aside from writing about films, books, comics and games for a number of magazines and websites he also serves as a festival scout for film distribution companies. When not hiking he maintains this blog which, though mostly given over to film-writing is also a venue for endless complaints about the wretchedness of the human condition.

NB: While this blog does contain reviews, it is not what I would call a ‘review blog’ and so I am not soliciting material for review. In fact, if you do try to get in touch in an effort to get me to review your stuff, chances are that you will be ignored. If you happen across something you think I will enjoy then get in touch with me via email or twitter but I really am not interested in reviewing your latest self-published ebook and nor, I suspect, is anyone else.

Conversely, if you are embarking on a project for which you need writers then do please feel free to get in touch.  While I may not wind up writing for your site or participating in your podcast, I am always open to (and flattered by) such invitations particularly if you have something quite specific in mind.

Jonathan McCalmont can be contacted by email at :