REVIEW : Socket (2007)

Videovista has my review of Sean Abley’s Socket.  A film that is not only a work of indie SF, but also of indie gay cinema.

The film itself is not particularly interesting or worthy of note (much like Rocco DeVilliers Pure Race [1995], which I also reviewed) except when you consider how close the film came to being genuinely interesting and how spectacularly it failed.   I am only linking to the review as I think that the failures in Socket point to a rather intriguing cultural battle going on at the heart of gay cinema at the moment.  If you doubt this, bear in mind that Brockas’ last film Boy Culture (2006) was shown at the 2008 London  Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.  Which is a piece of programming on a par with screening Confessions of a Shopaholic at Cannes.

See also my recent review of Jacques Nolot’s Avant Que J’Oublie for a real piece of gay filmmaking.