REVIEW – Gainsbourg (2010)

While I do have my preferred themes and modes of expression (abandonment, despair, existential dread), I like to think that the range of culture covered by this blog is comparatively cosmopolitan.  I do films, I do novels, I do short stories, I do non-fiction, I do games and I’m going to start doing comics too.  However, there are two forms of culture that I hate and so will never cover.  The first is French song (la chanson francaise) and the other is musicals.  I hate both of them.  With a passion.  In fact, to borrow a turn of phrase from Alexei Sayle, I hate musical theatre more than I hate fascism.

And yet here is my review of Joann Sfar’s Gainsbourg.  A musical all about French song.  And I don’t hate it.


  1. The fact you enjoyed it suggests it must actually be very good indeed. I totally ignored it as the subject and nature of the film just didn’t appeal. I may reconsider.

    I reread your review of Police, Adjective. I agreed by and large save that I wasn’t bored, but that is a personal reaction by its nature.


  2. It is enjoyable. There’s something quite intensely likable about a self-serving scumbag who spends the entire film sucking up to powerful people and chasing tail only to then claim to be some kind of rebel. It’s silly but fun.

    Police Adjective has boring bits… the bits where he’s standing around on a street corner in particular. Excellent film though.

    also glad you enjoyed Bad Lieutenant. Spectacular piece of film-making that.


  3. There’s a definite place for silly but fun. I’ll check it out.

    I had to push myself through parts of P,A. It was worth it, but it was work too. If I hadn’t had it for review I wonder if I’d have stuck with it. I’m glad I did though.

    Bad Lieutenant was excellent.


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