REVIEW – In The Pit (2006)

Videovista have my review of Juan Carlos Rulfo’s In The Pit (a.k.a. En El Hoyo).

The film is a documentary about the building of a massive motorway overpass through Mexico City, a massive public works project that has been going on for years, employs thousands of workers in terrible conditions and which quite possibly will not make any difference to the city’s gridlock problems as the more roads you build the more people are encouraged to drive their cars.

This should have provided a fantastic backdrop for a documentary filled with Sisyphean themes but unfortunately, Rulfo decided to place the focus of his documentary on the experience of the workers and the workers turn out not to be particularly insightful either about themselves or the project they are working on.  In fact, all they really seem to have to say is that they’d rather be getting laid and high than working and that their co-workers all take it in the arse.  Hilarious.   Disappointing but a beautifully realised DVD release.


  1. I wondered who had got this one. I’m still considering picking it up but it’s a shame it’s not more interesting.

    Nice line about the menus.

    I got Rec 2, 14 Blades and Mother this month. You should check out Mother, it’s fascinating and even if you don’t consider it as thoughtful and well executed as I did I think you’d still find much to engage with.


  2. I’m toying with the idea of going to see Mother at the cinema as it is currently on at the Renoir in Bloomsbury. I’m amazed you opted for Rec 2, that had disastrous cash-in written all over it.


  3. My inner fanboy overrode my outer cynic.

    My outer cynic was right. It usually is.

    If you can see Mother in the cinema I would. The visuals and sound would benefit.

    I was and am a big fan of Rec, which I think was a genuinely original and effective horror film. But as I said in the review, the real horror is they’ve announced two more sequels.


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