REVIEW – Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Videovista have my review of F. Gary Gray’s genuinely lamentable Law Abiding Citizen.

I hated this film.  I hated it not because it is intensely stupid – some stupid films can be great fun – but because it is an intensely stupid film that tries to pretend that it is insightful and politically engaged.  This is the cinematic equivalent of the Tea Party : Fascistic chest-pounding and bellowing masquerading as debate.


  1. It had Jaime Foxx in it, what did you expect?

    Actually, reading your review you could have expected it to be meretricious shite and it still would have disappointed. What tempted you about it that you chose to put it on your list of possible titles to review?


  2. The line between so bad it’s good, and just plain bad, can sometimes be surprisingly thin.

    On which note, I did a review of the latest Romero. I wasn’t a fan. I’d be interested in your take which I suspect wouldn’t be as kind as mine.


  3. I think that Romero is a genuinely third rate director who managed to get lucky.

    I haven’t seen Survival of the Dead but I find the accusation that it is formulaic and uninspired to be entirely believable.

    I can’t believe that his production company is called Blank of the Dead. That’s so… brazen.

    Review in question is here for anyone interested :


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