REVIEW – Love Exposure (2008)

Videovista have my review of Shion Sono’s Love Exposure.

I simply adored this film.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I don’t think that my review does it justice.  It very nearly made it onto my film of the year list as it did sneak out in cinemas in the UK earlier in the year despite being initially released in 2005 2008.  Love Exposure is, quite simply, potty.  Potty in the ideas it puts forward.  Potty in the way it is shot.  Potty in the way it is acted.  Potty in terms of its subject matter.

EDIT : As pointed out in the comments, this film was made in 2008 and not 2005.  The sad thing is that it’s entirely feasible that a film made in 2008 might only find its way to UK cinemas in 2009.


  1. man…this movie is from 2008 no 2005.
    Its premiere was at Tokyo filmex in November 2008 where won the “audience prize”. Then was premiered mainstreanly in January 2009.

    You should check IMDB or wikipedia


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