REVIEW – Cold Prey and Cold Prey 2 (2006, 2008)

Videovista has my reviews of the rather disappointing Norwegian slasher Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt) and its vastly more entertaining sequel Cold Prey : Resurrection (Fritt Vilt 2).

I think that the difference between the two films lies in the quality of the direction but…

Cold Prey is also hampered by a hilariously literal nu-metal soundtrack.  I mention in the review how bad it is but what I don’t mention is that when the kids drive into the mountains the singer growls “into the mountains” and when the Final Girl stand atop a pit filled with the bodies of her friends, the resident hack bellows “All My Friends Are Dead!” into the auto-tuner.  It is simply impossible to take such a film seriously.

By contrast, Cold Prey 2 is a remake of Aliens set in a hospital empty except for a number of unhappy Scandinavian people.  One of the reasons why I think I warmed to the film is because it reminded me of Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom (Riget), which I warmly recommend as an example of how to do Horror-Comedy.


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