REVIEW : The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)

Videovista have just put up my review of William Dieterle’s The Devil and Daniel Webster.

A couple of notes on this review.  Firstly, Masters of Cinema always include a little booklet with their DVDs containing essays.  These serve as DVD extras by whetting your thematic apetite and filling you in on historical context.  If I don’t mention these booklets in the reviews it is because they do not systematically get sent out with the review copies.  This is something I rather regret as I think that the extras (even in dead tree form) are part of the pleasure of discovering these old films.  Secondly, I recently crossed swords on a forum with an employee of Eureka or Masters of Cinema and he suggested I put on the subtitles if I couldn’t hear the words.  I took this as a suggestion that I needed to clean out my ears but evidently watching films with the subtitles on is  a ‘thing to do’ with DVD releases of old films.  So apologies to said employee if he reads this.