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In Which I Appear on the Skiffy and Fanty Show (in order to discuss the Hugo Awards and Hugh Howey)

April 14, 2013

SkiffyandFantyOn friday night, I stayed up late in order to record an episode of the Skiffy and Fanty Show with Shaun Duke, Julia Rios, Paul Weimer and Justin Landon. We discuss the Hugo Awards (of course!) as well as the controversy surrounding self-publishing sensation du jour Hugh Howey’s decision to write a (now deleted) blog post describing a woman he met at Worldcon as a ‘bitch’. The recording process was quite good fun but I think we noticeably got better as we relaxed and found a natural rhythm. Quite amusingly, we dealt with the issues we had wanted to deal with and ceased recording but kept chatting for a while until we realised that what we were saying was actually pretty good and decided to start recording again.

I’ve written about podcasts before and I am, I must admit, quite passionate about the format. Appearing on Skiffy and Fanty has only deepened that passion and I can really see why people like Ian Mond now look on podcasting as their preferred means of geek cultural engagement.

So… go download, marvel at my hideously elevated larynx and marvel at the wisdom of the other people who took part in the conversation!

  1. April 14, 2013 1:32 pm

    The cool thing is that we all had such a good time that I strongly suspect we’ll have to do something just like it in the future, with or without the controversy.


  2. April 14, 2013 3:24 pm

    If you’ll have me back I would be delighted to make another appearance! :-)


  3. April 14, 2013 6:30 pm

    You guys make me wish I could’ve been in that discussion.


  4. April 14, 2013 11:31 pm

    It was a pleasure to have you on, Jonathan.


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