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REVIEW – The Door to Lost Pages (2011) By Claude Lalumière

May 13, 2011

Strange Horizons have my review of Clause Lalumière’s novella The Door to Lost Pages.

The Door to Lost Pages is one of the more interesting works of genre fiction that I have read in recent months.  What interested me was not only its themes of loss, madness and salvation (all very Jona-friendly subjects I’m sure you’ll agree) but its strangely elusive quality that extends as far as form.  The book is sold as a novella but in truth it’s more a collection of interlinked short stories that were written several years apart for radically different venues.  The result is an exploration of a shared mythology from a set of radically different perspectives.  The different stories never quite link up and the changes in register and feel are quite jarring producing a sort of thematic instability that is not only quite fascinating as a literary effect, but also perfectly in keeping with the book’s ideas about the difficulty of salvation.

All in all, an excellent little book.

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