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Genre Books of the Year : The 2010 Edition

January 3, 2011

The ever-excellent Strange Horizons have put up their traditional end-of-year Reviewer Roundup post and I have contributed to it (I’m about halfway down).  However, given that we only had about 250 words to play with, I had to forego mentioning all of my favourites.  So here are the ten best works of genre that I read this year along with links to any writing I may or may not have done about them.

Fire in the Stone by RuddickNew Model Army by RobertsOoku: The Inner Chambers by YoshinagaStone Spring by BaxterThe Red Tree by KiernanFar North by TherouxA Dark Matter by StraubWolfsangel by LachlandMoxyland by BeukesMemoirs Found in a Bathtub by Lem


  • A piece about Ruddick and the utility of a fictional past.
  • A piece about Lem and the universality of signs.
  • A piece about Kiernan and how we use stories to protect ourselves from the world.
  • A piece about Roberts and the emergence of a new form of consciousness.
  • A piece about Baxter and the way in which history acts through people.
  • A piece about Beukes and cyberpunk’s middle-class angst.
  • A piece about Theroux and the frailty of the self.
  • A piece about Lachland and cathedrals in the air.
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