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REVIEW – Stone Spring (2010) By Stephen Baxter

September 18, 2010

THE ZONE have just put up my review of the new Stephen Baxter novel Stone Spring.

Stone Spring is the first volume of the Northland trilogy and it revolves around the emergence of Atlantis against a background of stone age warfare and ecological catastrophe.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, if only for Baxter’s approach to characterisation.  As with his previous novels Flood and Ark there is a sense in which Baxter is still playing with a set of themes that have been obsessing him for a while but I am struck by the fact that each new novel sees a real refinement and evolution in how Bater engages with those themes.

This review actually sits quite neatly between a couple of projects that I currently have on the go ‘back-stage’:  Firstly, there’s an epic 5000 word critical overview of Baxter’s Xeelee cycle, which should be appearing in an issue of Vector the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association.  Secondly, there’s an interview with the academic critic Nicholas Ruddick who recently produced a rather fine book on prehistoric fiction entitled Fire in the Stone: Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to Jean M. Auel.  So keep an eye out for both of those.

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