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REVIEW – Red Claw (2009) By Philip Palmer

March 1, 2010

Strange Horizons have my review of Philip Palmer’s catastrophic Red Claw.

It was interesting reviewing Palmer’s book after I reviewed Bernard Beckett’s Genesis last year.  Genesis‘ ending annoyed me so much that I was ready to eviscerate the novel in my review.  However, I decided to sit on the review for a little while and when I came to actually write it up, my feelings turned out to be a lot more positive than I expected.  My anger was evidently hot and it burned itself out quite quickly.

Conversely, reading Red Claw was depressing.  I felt no anger or irritation just a sense of grinding hopelessness as any hope of the book eventually improving was slowly crushed with the passage of pages.  My review is an attempt to communicate my feeling that the novel is simply a failure.  An absolute failure.

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