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REVIEW – Ark (2009) By Stephen Baxter

November 2, 2009

Strange Horizons has my review of Stephen Baxter’s Ark.

Ark is the second book in a series that started back in 2008 with FloodMy review of it can be found over at the SF Site.

There are some similarities between the reviews as I kind of built my Ark review out of the trains of thought that slowly chuffed their way out of the station when reviewing Flood.  All in all, I much preferred Ark to Flood as, while the books speak to many of the same themes and ideas, Ark is not saddled to the constraints of the ecological catastrophe sub-genre.  A sub-genre I think Baxter struggled with.  By contrast, Ark‘s characters and narrative are much better tailored to the ideas that the book is getting at.

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