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REVIEW – Black Static issue 10, May 2009

September 20, 2009

The SF Site published this review of mine back in August but evidently I weirdly overlooked it when it filtered through my RSS reader.

The review is of the May issue of Black Static, a short fiction magazine published by the same people who put out Interzone.  The magazine was actually interesting enough that it prompted me to borrow a few more copies but I was struck by the fact that, as with Interzone, Black Static‘s non-fiction is of a systematically higher caliber than its fiction.   This is not so much a problem with Black Static‘s editorial standards as it is with the fact that most of the genre short fiction floating about the place is of a shockingly low standard.  Torque Control has been staging a series of intriguing discussion of works of short fiction but I don’t think that they have come across a decent piece yet.  Every so often, a piece about the ailing health of genre short fiction magazines will do the rounds in genre circles but, to be honest, I’m increasingly surprised that there’s much of a market for this stuff at all.  So maybe it’s just as well that both Black Static and Interzone are worth buying for their non-fiction content alone.

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  1. September 21, 2009 5:31 pm

    A long time ago I decided to never submit short fiction on paper — i.e. magazines which require stories to be sent in on Dead Trees will never receive anything from me.

    I wonder how many other writers have made the same decision? And if they are a significant amount, has this subtly skewed the “slush pile” for some magazines but not others…? (I’m really not sure.)


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